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Poker – A Highly Profitable Affiliate Industry

poker online indonesia

vipmumbaiescorts.comPoker – A Highly Profitable Affiliate Industry. For internet marketers, an affiliate program is one of the best ways to make money online. It is becoming increasingly popular to see how successful webmasters make big money on promoting other people’s products and earn a commission for sales. Naturally, however, some affiliate programs will be more successful than others.

The success of your affiliate sales will depend on your target audience, as well as on the assets to which you join. However, if you are new to internet marketing or just want to try the connection process, it’s a good idea to start working in one of the most successful areas of online affiliate marketing.

poker online indonesia

Making money

When it comes to making money, it is unlikely that you will find an industry that offers more money than the affiliate poker industry. Poker online indonesia is a big business, and you can win a lot of money by contacting players in online poker rooms. Poker players are incredibly valuable in poker rooms, so they offer large amounts of money for each individual player sent to a room by affiliates.

Other popular partner markets include software and books, such as Amazon and software companies. However, the commission for these programs is very low compared to the commission for the poker program.

Let’s quickly see how the average commissions are compared for each of these programs.

Amazon: $ 0.50 per sale

Software: $ 20 per sale

Poker: $ 100 per player

These are only approximate average values, but, nevertheless, there is always a significant gap between each sale / player for each of the affiliate programs. In any case, the average commission for affiliated poker players is rather modest, as some numbers offer up to $ 200 for each player you send.

Therefore, by observing these average values, you must sell 5 pieces of software for the same amount you will pay, simply by transferring the player to an online poker room. Even more scary, it takes 200 book sales to match the number of commission poker players.

Therefore, for those who want to make money on the Internet, you should look at the affiliate poker industry. You can make a lot of money, even if it does not become too successful. By simply sending several players to the poker room per month, you can earn several hundred dollars (or even thousands) from one month to another. It really is not uncommon to find people who feel comfortable as a full-fledged online poker partner.