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Which are the best poker strategy tools for Android

score88poker – Which are the best poker strategy tools for Android. If you love gambling then obviously you would be playing poker. There are multiple variants of poker, and you can choose the ones that you like to play. Beginners must start with simple games that are easy to understand whereas the more difficult ones can be tried out by the experts. The game is worth spending your time and money as you have the opportunity to make a lot of money. However, you must know all the rules before playing poker on situs poker else you will end up losing the money that you bet. With the wide range of apps that are being available for playing poker on Android as well as an iOS platform, there is a lot of strategy tools also that are being available. The apps make it easy for gamblers to enjoy gambling from any time and anyplace that too conveniently.


Strategy tools for playing poker on android on —

These strategy tools are available for pro players of poker —

  1. Poker cruncher – This strategy app of poker is available for multiple platforms such as Android, iPhone, and iPad. This apps is quite famous for being professional, and if you are looking to become a professional poker player without putting any money, then this is the best app to choose from.
  2. Heads up Poker Trainer – This is a paid app for iPhone, and it is priced at 1.49 euro. This prepares the players for heads up ring games, and it also has a built-in quiz which lets you learn about other games too, and it is too much fun.
  3. Poker odds calculator – This is a free app for Android, and here you can specify the hands and the app will tell you about the odds of winning the game. There is also a pro version of the app which is available for 2 euros, and there are no advertisements too in the pro version.
  4. Poker equity calculator – This free app is available for Android, and it helps you learn Judi poker android, and there is a pro version without adverts which costs less than 2 euros.
  5. ShuffleBot – This is also a free Android app and is an odds calculator app.

Use these strategy tools, and you can surely earn a lot while you enjoy playing poker on Android-based gambling apps.